We Did It! Wednesday.

I’m back!  Bet ya barely knew I was gone, eh?  I guess the “eh” part might have tipped you off :).  I was visiting my family in Canada for the last few weeks, but made it back to Utah last night.  My use of “eh” always seems to heighten after I’ve been home!  We had a great time, with lots of visits to the park and hanging out.

One day Wyatt had a sleepover with some of his cousins and I about laughed my pants off when he came home like this:

My sister was all too familiar with his tantrums so she wasn’t going to mess with him.  Funny how he looks so innocent…  It was a pretty hot day so he was sweaty, to say the least, when we finally got it off.

They also got into trouble a time or two (or twenty) with their cousins…

And my favorite part, my boys really wore themselves out most days from having so much fun.  Little Walker on the left is my sister Ada’s youngest and is 2 weeks older than Weston.

I’ll share a bit more later, but for today let’s get We Did It! Wednesday going!  Here’s some highlights from last week’s party:

Braided flower headband from Inside BruCrew Life:

Framed spoons from McKell:
Play tent from Living With Punks:

Here’s a button for those of you who were featured:


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Now onto today’s party.  Here’s how We Did It! Wednesday works:

1. Enter a link (specific blog post, not your homepage) using the McLinky below to something you made that you want to share.
2. Try to check out at least one other link on the list (and I’m sure they’d love it if you left a comment too).
3. Post the We Did It! Wednesday button below to your post or sidebar to let others know your participating.


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  1. I love the pictures of your sweet little boys! If I had a Buzz Lightyear costume- I’d never want to take it off either!

  2. wow, thanks so much for featuring my framed spoons :)

    and what a cute little Buzz too! my nephews would love that!! Toy Story 3 was such a funny movie, me & my hubby loved it :)

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