Window Pane Mirror Before and After.


I found this window pane mirror a couple of weeks ago at a garage sale in my neighborhood.  She wanted $6 for it. I of course knew she wanted $5 but said she wanted $6 so that the buyer would think they got a deal when they offered $5 for it.  So what did I do?  I offered $1.  Just kidding, that would have really been a steal though.  Would have thrown her for a loop, that’s for sure.  I really offered $5, knowing all about the psychological mind games that the lady was trying to pull, and of course came home with it.  Jokes on her, it was a good deal for $5.

We sanded it, painted it green to match the dresser that we painted recently, and distressed it although it’s hard to see that in the picture.  Distressing furniture is definitely a therapeutic release for someone like me that is OCD when is comes to things being symmetrical and perfect.  I’m learning to find the perfection in imperfection.  Seriously, you should try it!
I am still not sure if I’m loving the mirror behind the frame or not.  I think that when I get sick of the green in my living room, in combination with the dresser, it would be great for a boys room.  Should I keep it separate from the dresser on my wall for now while it’s in the living room?  I also thought about either putting different fabrics or pictures in each of the panes.  I may make that change later, who knows.  For now I’m glad I have one less project on my list!

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  1. Love the color you chose! So FRESH! I just recently did a Chalkboard Makeover to a Window Pane Mirror that was pretty similar to your before, but forgot to take pics! (As usual! LOL!) Mind if I borrow one? I’ll provide a link back to your site!

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