Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Do your kids love to wear robes as much as mine do? They love to have a snuggly robe to wear on chilly mornings, after bath time, and just to be cozy while watching their favorite movie! They also love anything with a hood, so you can imagine how they feel about a robe with a hood ;). Today I’m sharing a Hooded Robe Free Pattern that you can make for your own little ones!

Hooded Robe Free Pattern Hooded Robe Free Pattern

The free pattern is sized 3/4T, but as robes are generously sized, it will likely fit a size above and below that size range as well. Just remember to add or remove length as needed!

Hooded Robe Free PatternHooded Robe Free Pattern

I’ve made this robe with both french terry as pictured above, and also with fleece, as you’ll see below! You can guess which robe is fought over by my two girls, hehe. I omitted the pockets on the french terry version, but added them for the fleece version.

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

You can find this Beauty and the Beast fleece at your local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores, and the turquoise french terry is something I found several yards of in a thrift shop. I’ve had it in my stash for years but never found the right project for until now!


Let’s get to work!

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Supplies:
French terry knit, terry, or Anti-pill Fleece – 2yd (60” wide)
basic sewing supplies – thread, pins, scissors, etc
optional: bias tape for finishing visible seam allowances

*Supplies and compensation for this post provided by Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores. All photography, content, and opinions are my own.

Download the FREE HOODED ROBE PATTERN HERE. Print the pattern pages at 100% (make sure printer is not set to scale) and tape together following diagram below.

robe free pattern assembly diagram

*Pattern is sized 3/4T.

*All seam allowances are ½” unless otherwise noted. Use either a serger or a narrow and long zig zag stitch to accommodate the stretch in fleece.

Cut fabric as directed on pattern pieces. Be sure to pay attention to the greatest degree of stretch when placing pattern pieces.

binding – 3.5”x66.5” (greatest degree of stretch should be across width of strip)
tie – 4”x46” (greatest degree of stretch should be across width of strip)Print

Turn top of  pocket 1” toward right side of pocket and stitch from top folded edge to folded raw edge on each side. Clip corners and turn right side out. Stitch close to raw edge near top of pocket to secure in place. Repeat with other pocket.


Turn side and bottom edges of each pocket ½” toward wrong side and pin to right side of robe front as marked on pattern piece. Stitch along side and bottom edges, close to folded edge, to secure pockets in place.

IMG_5989edit630 IMG_5990edit630

Right sides together, pin and stitch front and back pieces together at each shoulder.


Right sides together, pin and stitch hood pieces together along center back/top curve. With seam allowances to one side, topstitch ¼” from stitch line to secure seam allowances. If using serger, topstitching is optional whenever mentioned, and should be reduced to 1/8” from the stitch line if used due to the small remaining seam allowance.

*Tip: If using a fabric other than fleece, you may choose to finish the visible seam allowances with bias tape for a more clean look. To do so, open the bias tape and align one crease close to stitch line (on seam allowance side). Stitch along crease line, attached bias tape to seam allowance. Fold bias tape back as was originally folded and stitch close to outer folded edge to secure in place.


Right sides together, pin and stitch bottom curve of hood to robe neckline. With seam allowances away from hood, topstitch ¼” from stitch line to secure seam allowances.


Right sides together, pin and stitch one sleeve to one armhole, matching front and back notches. Repeat with opposite sleeve and armhole.


To make tie loops, fold each tie loop piece in half along the length and stitch together at raw edges. Use safety pin to turn each tie right side out.


Pin and baste ends of one tie loop to each front piece, placing as marked on front pattern piece.


Beginning at bottom of sleeve, pin one sleeve right sides together, then continue to pin front and back side seams together, ending at bottom of robe. Stitch continuously along pinned edge from  bottom of sleeve to robe hem (be sure that tie loops are toward inside of robe and only ends are caught in stitches). Repeat for opposite sleeve/side seam.


Turn and pin bottom of each sleeve 1” toward wrong side and stitch in place close to raw edge (it’s a good idea to try it on the recipient to check for length before stitching the sleeve and robe hems!).


Turn and pin bottom of robe 1” toward wrong side and stitch in place close to raw edge.


Right sides together, fold binding in half at each short edge and stitch from raw edges to fold. Trim corners and turn right side out.


Wrong sides together, fold binding piece in half along the length. Pin to robe, matching raw edges, from bottom front hem on one side of robe front, towards and around hood, and back down to other bottom front hem. Stitch along pinned edge.

IMG_6017edit630 IMG_6021edit630

With seam allowances toward robe, topstitch ¼” from stitch line to secure seam allowances.


To make tie, fold and pin tie piece in half along the length and stitch along raw edges. Use a safety pin to turn tie right side out.


Turn raw edges at each end of tie ½” toward inside of tie and pin in place. Topstitch around all four sides of tie, ¼” from edges.


Insert tie through tie loop on each side.


Great job! If you liked this hooded robe free pattern, be sure to check our tutorials and free patterns page for more ideas and sewing fun!

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Free Pattern

Hooded Robe Free Pattern


  1. That is so cute! I love the blue of the French terry version… and that gold bias tape!

  2. Sarah Bailey says:

    This looks amazing!

  3. Very beautiful. Thanks for the pattern. Is the perfect size for my little one.

  4. Thanks Abby for sharing! I absolutely love this! If you have any more easy sewing projects for beginners like me please don’t hesitate to share the love! I have a 5 year old daughter and she’s super sassy! I would love to make some totally adorable spring/ summer get ups for her this year and I know she would love it too! Thanks and god bless you and your nice family.

  5. Lieschen says:

    Thank you for sharing, i made one today an i really Love it! I can’t wait to see my daugther wearing it ?

  6. Thanks , I made 2 of these – one for 2 year old Abby and one for 5 year old Immi. Your pattern and instructions were brilliant – so easy to follow and to adjust for the older one; especially with the photos which accompany the instructions. So thank you, and well done – the girls love their new dressing gowns.
    Regards, Kate.

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