A Caveman Halloween

I wasn’t planning on making any Halloween costumes this year… Until my sister mentioned that she wanted to make caveman costumes for her whole family. I immediately pictured Weston in little caveman faux fur undies, and there was no turning back!
I had made myself a caveman costume last year, but the thought of our whole family matching was too fun to resist. I think I even mentioned that I’d be happy to wear the same costume for the next 20 years – apparently I’m on my way!
I made Weston’s bottoms using Dana’s Diaper Cover Free Pattern, which was awesome. It was so nice to not have to make my own pattern for that. They turned out perfect for his costume, and he thought he was wearing real underwear (and obviously felt pretty cool). I heard him randomly mumbling “underwear” to himself a couple of times throughout the night.
Wyatt’s costume was a simple one-shouldered tunic. He initially wasn’t a fan of the leggings, since they’re “for girls,” and I had to explain that it’s okay to wear them once a year for Halloween if it’s part of his costume. Then he was somewhat okay with them.
I made leg warmers and headbands for all of us, and wrist cuffs also for the boys.
I of course spent a while backcombing (and a longer while later that evening undoing the damage), and after dirtying our faces up a bit and losing a couple of teeth, we were a family of cavepeople ready to go! Joel was a great sport, despite the fact that dressing up in a costume is not his favorite thing. He’s a natural caveman though, don’t you think?! I guess I wasn’t supposed to be smiling in these pictures, I didn’t know everyone else would get so into character!
My favorite part about these costumes? They were SO quick to make. I had them all done within a few hours, which was fantastic.
In the end, my sister didn’t make caveman costumes for her family, but I’m sure glad to have gotten the idea from her – she can borrow our costumes for next year!
Happy Halloween to all of you! I hope you have a safe and fun day!

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  1. So funny–I love the whole family being the same thing! My kids were disappointed that Dillon and I chose other costumes than them!

  2. I thought our costume looked familar but I just remembered you from last year. Hubby wins the prize for being a great sport! You all look amazing!!

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