Baby Sailor Skirt Tutorial

Baby Skirt Tutorial
Have you been having fun with everything nautical lately? I’ve always loved the nautical look, and am so happy that it’s so on trend right now. This baby sailor skirt can be made from just a fat quarter and some plain white scraps, and comes together in no time!
The skirt itself is not super full, but the pleats allow your baby to still have enough room to move!
My little Lola is 14 months but is a small fry and wears 6-12 month clothing, so the measurements given will fit size 6-12 months best. Of course these directions can be used for any size with some adjusting, but you’ll likely want to add some width to your skirt pieces if you’re making a size larger than 6-12 months.

You could also change things up by adding back pleats as well which would give even more room for your little one (or big one) to move!

Ready to get sewing?

1 fat quarter
solid white cotton scrap – 8″x10″
scrap of piping
6 buttons
1″-2″ elastic – 17″


*Seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise noted.

Cut a 10″x22″ (the length of your fat quarter) rectangle from your fat quarter. Remember you can always use another fat quarter and piece the two together if you need added width for a larger size.

Cut a 4″x6″ rectangle from the fat quarter, fold it in half, and trim the bottom corner into a curve.

Fold the 10″x22″ piece in half widthwise, and match the fold of the curved piece to the fold of the larger piece. Use a rotary cutter to cut the larger piece from top to bottom, 1/2″ from the edge of the curved piece.

Cut two 4″x10″ pieces from the solid white scrap and press each in half lengthwise.

Right sides together, stitch one white piece to center skirt piece (center piece previously had the fold), matching raw edges. White piece fold will be facing outward.

Repeat using remaining solid white piece and opposite side of center skirt piece.

Repeat with outside edges of solid white pieces and remaining skirt pieces. Finish all stitched raw edges and press seams.

Re-fold white strips along initial fold line, tucking pleats to inside. Press well with steam.

Stitch along top of each pleat, 1/4″ from top raw edge, to secure in place.

Right sides together, stitch piping to curved piece, matching raw edges.

Press piping to wrong side of printed fabric.

Stitch curved piece to skirt close to edge, centering between pleats and matching top raw edges. You’ll also be stitching through part of the pleats underneath.

Stitch three buttons to each side of curved piece. Top of buttons should be 1″ from top edge to allow for waistband.

Right sides together, stitch center back seam. Finish raw edge and press seam.

Serge or zig zag stitch top of skirt to finish raw edge.

Stitch ends of elastic together using 1/4″ seam allowance. Press seam allowance open and stitch on each side of seam to secure ends.

Right sides together, pin elastic to top edge of skirt, matching center back seam to waistband seam. Stitch together using 1/4″ seam allowance, stretching elastic to fit top of skirt.

Press waistband upward and seam allowance toward skirt.

Press bottom edge 1″ toward wrong side. Press bottom edge another 1″ toward wrong side and topstitch, creating hem.

Great job!

Your little skipper is ready for the high seas!

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