DIY Bunny Costume

   DIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costume

Our power was out over the weekend (the price to pay for living in such a beautiful place), so I’m a little late in getting this posted today, but I’ve been dying to share Lola’s Halloween costume with you.

DIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costume

I used this Burdastyle pattern, and changed the construction method a bit. If I can alter things to avoid any hand stitching, I certainly will (and did). I’ve never sewn with a Burdastyle pattern before, and although I had heard that there was no illustrations or photos included, I was a bit surprised at the lack of thorough instructions as well. I wouldn’t recommend this pattern for a beginner sewer because of that. But if you’re comfortable figuring things out, the finished product is definitely worth it!

DIY bunny costume

DIY bunny costume

I also changed the pink belly – it’s supposed to be sewn on top of the white, as a separate piece which goes over the zipper and velcros on the other side. It seemed like that may be annoying and might not stay in place nicely, so I just cut that piece in half and stitch each half directly to the torso with the edges turned under.

DIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costume

I found both the white faux fur and pink snuggle fabric from Jo-Ann. And can I just say, faux fur is the WORST to sew with. Last time I sewed with it I promised it would be my last, and although I apparently lied, I’m going to promise the same again. It helped a lot to vacuum after each piece was cut, and vacuum frequently as I was sewing as well.

DIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costume

I have one more costume to finish up (for Hattie), which I’ll be sharing later this week – if you follow me on Instagram (@sewmuchado), you might have a clue of what it is! I usually have a rule for myself that I won’t sew a costume unless it’s going to get worn multiple times or by multiple children over the years, but I couldn’t resist on this one and am making an exception. My boys are making it easy on me this year. Wyatt wants to wear his mummy costume again, and Weston will be Wolverine, thanks to Costco :). No complaints here!

DIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costumeDIY bunny costume

Lola loves her costume so so much, which makes all of the fibers in my eyes and throat worth it!DIY bunny costume

DIY bunny costume


  1. cuteness overload! love the costume!

  2. ABBY ABBY ABBY ABBY ABBY!!!!!! I am dying from cute photos – this is just phenomenal!!! I am so in love.

  3. Adorable!!! I won’t be able to let E see this. She will want it in a size 12~ LOL

  4. That tail! I die. And I can see why she loves it so much!! No way could you buy anything that sweet and cuddly rtw. It’s just perfect!

  5. That is totally adorable! I love the coziness, and Lola makes the cutest bunny ever.

  6. Mie @ Sewing Like Mad says

    Cutest bunny EEEEEEVER!!!! Seriously!!

  7. Oh my goodness she is the CUTEST BUNNY in the world.
    So worth the pain of sewing with that fur!!
    Gah I want one for me.

  8. What an adorable costume! I think changing the pattern to sew the belly piece in was a wise move. We shall see if you keep your promise next year ;)

  9. Oh my goodness! How sweet! She is just going to melt hearts from house to house.

  10. I have seen cute, and now I have seen the cutest ever….. what an absolute adorable bunny!!! I wish my 3 grand daughters was still that small so I could make this costume for them. Although…. if my 18 year old seen this SHE might want one. LOL Also what a beautiful area for pictures..

  11. Seriously SO SO cute!!!

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