Flashback Friday

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday

Today I’m pleased to welcome Wren to Sew Much Ado for Flashback Friday.  You’re going to get a kick out of her flashback, I promise!  Here’s Wren…

Many years ago, we lived way out in the county and never had any trick-or-treaters. When my in-laws moved to town, they asked us to come over each year and hand out candy. The first year, I made a giant old paper mache pumpkin head because I didn’t want to scare kids (I got over it the next year!) I did the whole scarecrow look and sat in a chair on the porch. Unfortunately, this costume scared more kids than the meanest one I’ve made since. I think they thought I was one of those porch decorations that you buy at the craft store, so when they walked up and I talked, it sent more than one running off in tears. I felt awful, so I started waving constantly, but even that didn’t work–I guess they thought I was mechanical. I felt terrible for scaring the little ones, and a little bit bad when I even managed to startle some older ones and even a few parents.

The next year I was a witch and didn’t scare anyone! ;-)

Hehe, I can just imagine all the kids getting scared!  Heck, it would probably even scare me now!  Thanks so much for the flashback Wren!
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  1. This reminds me of when my brother and is friend dressed up as scarecrows – stuffed leaves in their clothes and had their hoods over their heads. They laid beside the steps of the porch and you really couldn’t tell they were real people. Older kids would come up and they would jump up and scare the poop out of them!

    Too funny! Thanks for bringing back the memories. :)

  2. That photo is hilarious! You know that those kids grew up and are still terrified of pumpkin headed scarecrows.

  3. my dad totally did exactly this except with the total intention of scaring people who didn’t realize he was real. He still bugs my cousin justin, who ran all the way out of the yard before anyone could calm him down.

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