Flashback Friday

Here’s today’s Flashback Friday
My mom gave my sister Ada a couple of these before and after pics recently and I thought it would be fun to share with you for today’s Flashback Friday.  Take it away, Ada…

Is furniture from the 70s too recent to be considered antique? This lovely set was purchased by our parents and has been part of the fam as long as I can remember. Recently, during an unexpected burst of spring fever, mom gave the set an update with new paint and hardware. Let’s enjoy a moment of nostalgia (seriously…we know all of your parents had the same set) before we get to the finished product.

First note the lovely furniture itself. They just don’t make furniture like they used to….really. $750 for both pieces. Over 20 years later they were able to complete the set when they found the matching headboard at a garage sale for $10! As you might have guessed by the side-by-side arrangement, space was tight in their master bedroom, so the tall dresser also served as a TV stand.

Note the multiple use of doilies, serving both decorative and protective functions. One last item of interest can be seen in the mirror’s refelction. On the wall, is a batting-filled, lace-trimmed, heart-shaped necklace holder. This little gem was also both functional and decorative. Women really knew how to get the most from their decor back then.

Let’s have a look at the new and improved set… Good for another 20+ years. That is value!!

Thanks Ada!  Didn’t you know that doilies are back in style?

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  1. OMG I have the exact same furniture! Crazy… I had no clue that anyone else had this furniture! It was actually my parents furniture when they got married and when they divorced it became mine. Crazy! Thanks for the idea, because I am looking for some way to make this furniture look amazing and modern!

  2. LOL, I had this exact same set a billion years ago too! I actually took the time to strip and sand and then re-stain and varnish it in a really nice terra cotta coloured stain. I haven’t seen it in years though. I love it painted, I never thought to paint it, I was a wood purist back then I guess.

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    New follower too!!!

  4. Wish my hubby would let me paint his 1970s chair and the old water bed frame re-purposed to hold a mattress. I admit I am not a fan of 1970s furniture, but must live with some. I know the price is right, inexpensive. And it is the sturdiest stuff on the planet.

  5. OMG!!! I had that same furniture set too. Did yours have a headboard that had a bookcase that had lights in it too?? Great refinish!

  6. Love this idea! How did you do it exactly? I have some furniture I would love to paint, but I am just not sure where to start. Please let me know the process you did to make these look so GREAT. Thanks!

  7. Oh my stinkin heck!! I just replaced my EXACT set with a new bedroom suite. We bought it in 1979! And now my goal is to paint the sucker! Thanks for showing me what it will look like. I can’t believe anyone else would buy the same set. LOL!

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