Flashback Friday: Stef from Girl Inspired

It’s time for another Flashback Friday! Stef from Girl. Inspired. is with us today sharing some thoughts about her sewing history. If you’ve visited Girl. Inspired., you know that three little girls are lucky to have Stef for a mom! Stef is a master at projects that are every girl’s dream, from lace crowns, to parties, to princess dresses.
Girl. Inspired. is one of those blogs where everything from the photography, to the people, to the projects, are beautiful and inviting. Stef herself is a warm, genuine person, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading her post today as much as I did!

Hi Sew Much Ado readers!  I’m Stef, I blog over at Girl. Inspired.  I am so honored to share here today for Abby’s Flashback Friday series!!  I’m a stories kind of girl.  I like to hear stories, tell stories, daydream stories.  And whether through my creative efforts or my hodgepodge collection of antiques, my house is filled with stories.  When it comes to sewing, I don’t necessarily have a great “flashback/how I began sewing” kind of story.  My mom sewed, did all kinds of artsy craftsy things when we were kids, and I dabbled a tiny bit making doll clothes or trying to embroider, but sewing wasn’t something I ever really learned.  After college, I borrowed my mom’s sewing machine to make my friends a quilt for their wedding.  I’d never sewn anything before so I don’t know why I thought this would be a great idea, but they were super creative, out of the box people, and I just couldn’t imagine any store bought gift befitting of their artistic spirits, so I made them a quilt.  After that, I sewed a couple other simple quilts for friends’ babies, but it wasn’t until my third daughter was celebrating her first birthday that I really started sewing, like on a daily basis.  It started with her birthday dress and grew from there.  
Now, when I look around my house, there are very few spaces that haven’t been inspired by my need to add a handmade touch.  Quilts, pillows, the girls’ closets and drawers…upholstered furniture, curtains, kitchen towels.  I keep thinking that there’s only so much sewing I can do before I don’t need anymore.  But, the truth is, I like the stories that my handmade things carry with them.  I can look at each sewn item and think about what I learned with that project, or what fabric line I was obsessed with at that time, or which blog friend inspired me to try a new technique.  There’s the elastic phase and the zipper phase, the Heather Bailey phase and the Sarah Jane phase, the covered buttons phase (still going strong!) and the silk phase.  Quilts and pillows sewn for a birthday party and stuffed toys sewn for holiday gifts.  
All my little treasures that help me remember the stories of this journey.  Sewing is so much about the process, probably even more than the finished product. Everywhere I look, I get a little flashback, all the time.  Good and bad, cause not every process goes smoothly and not every finished product is lovely.  But, it’s everything all grouped together that gives me that thrill of remembering the story, with a sense of accomplishment, and (usually) with a lot of pride.  Alright, well that’s enough flashback stream of consciousness for now.  I’d love for you to visit me over at Girl. Inspired. – come tell me your sewing story!
Thanks for joining us, Stef! I can’t get over all the pretty dresses in the last photo. What lucky girls she has, right?! Make sure to visit Stef and see all the pretty things she’s made for yourself! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. I love all that you do Stef.. I especially loved hearing about your, phases LOL!! I am in the Pom Pom phase right now :) Maybe it has something to do with my girls asking to have them on EVERYTHING :) Thanks for sharing your story with us!

  2. So interesting to read about Stef’s journey..and i also love that row of pretty dresses..very inspiring!

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