Guest Blogger: Heather and Megan from Fresh Poppy Design

I couldn’t resist having just one more guest blogger for the Copycat Challenge Voting Week!  Heather and Megan from Fresh Poppy Design are always motivating me through their fun ideas and adorable quilts.
Their shop is filled with adorable quilt patterns like this:
Serenity Now Quilt Pattern
They also have another fabulous blog called Quilt Story, where they showcase other’s quilts.  You’ll see a finished quilt almost daily, so if you’re in need of some inspiration for your next quilt, that’s the place to go!
Today Megan is teaching us how to make our own Embroidered Turkey Hoop Art, just in time for Thanksgiving!
She found her inspiration from this Pottery Barn headband:

Cute, huh?!

Go HERE for Megan’s complete tutorial!

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