Stripe and Floral Knit Dress

knit stripe and floral dress

I made this dress a few months ago, but hadn’t got around around to photographing it until recently. I think I’ve been too busy wearing it. It was one of those #churchisintwohoursandIhavenothingtowear projects that I just kind of winged, and luckily worked out great, which doesn’t always happen. I’m sure you can relate. At least I hope you can :).

knit stripe and floral dress

I really wanted a nursing friendly dress to wear for spring, and thought a knit peasant style would be perfect. And I was right! It is so easy and comfortable to wear, and the neckline pulls down easily for nursing, without getting stretched out. I wish I would have made this a looong time ago, and had something similar to wear with my first three babies.

knit stripe and floral dress

I drafted the peasant style top, and am thinking I may offer it as a free pattern. What do you think? I need to make some minor tweaks, but overall, I’m really happy with how the fit came out, and I love that it’s a style that is flattering on almost any body type.

knit stripe and floral dressknit stripe and floral dress

I used a 3/4″ seam allowance when attaching the skirt to the top and then used the seam allowance to create a casing for the elastic. It makes for a really comfortable and easy-fitting waistline. I always buy elastic by the roll (affiliate link), which is SO much less expensive per yard than buying individual packages. It’s one of my favorite tips for saving money on sewing supplies, and I wish I would have realized it many years ago :).

knit stripe and floral dress

Both the stripe knit and floral knit fabrics came from Girl Charlee. I feel like one day we’ll all look back on the whole pattern mixing trend and wonder what in the world we were thinking, but for now I love it, and will continue to enjoy it while I still can, hehe.

knit stripe and floral dress

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  1. I’m currently nursing my second (and probably last) baby… his baptism is in July. I would love to make a similar dress for that occasion, so yes, I very much hope you’ll share the pattern soon! :)

      1. I’d the love the pattern, too!Did you make more than 1? I’d be curious to see what otherprints/patterns you paired up:)

  2. I too love the floral and stripes combo. This looks like a comfy dress to wear and I love the fact it is nursing friendly.

    1. Thanks Jenya! It’s so hard to find nursing friendly dresses, so I guess I just got desperate enough to do something about it!

  3. Should you offer this as a free pattern? Uhmmm, let me think about that……YEEES please!! :-) I LOVE it. It has the perfect balance of relaxed and dressed up. LOVE it!! And yeah, I still love the print mixing too :-)

  4. I love this peasant style shirt. There are so many patterns out there that are way too huge. This follows the trend, but keeps it less giant. I love this!

    1. Thanks Kristie! That’s what I was hoping for, the functionality of a peasant dress without all the bulk!

  5. I really would love to see this pattern! I want my own dress like this now!It is modest, stylish, and I love the pattern mixing.

  6. I love the way you finished the waist. It makes the dress look professionally made. I’m going to break out my knit stash and make one for my prego daughter. She’s due any day and would love it as a cute summer dress and for ease of nursing.

  7. I can honestly say I have never whipped up or contemplated throwing together a dress before church. You are incredible, Abby. This dress is so cute and you are beautiful.

    1. Aw thanks Alison :). If I made a list of things you do that I would never contemplate, the list would be long, lol.

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