10 Cricut Maker Project Ideas

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Cricut Maker Tutorials

It’s no secret that the Cricut Maker is one of my favorite and most used tools, and one of the big reasons why I love it so much is that it’s so versatile. I love using my Maker in every sewing project I can, but I’ve also used it in many projects that don’t involve sewing at all, and love to use it with a variety of materials. In addition to fabric, I’ve used it on leather, Iron-on, Infusible Ink, and even wood! To help get your own creative Maker juices flowing, today I’m partnering with Cricut to share 10 Cricut Maker project ideas – you’ll see just how versatile the machine really is!

Cricut Maker Tutorials

10 Projects to Make With the Cricut Maker

Cricut Maker Toddler Backpack

Cricut Maker Sewing Project

This toddler backpack is one of my favorite Cricut Maker projects ever. I feel like it was a true test for how much I could really rely on my Maker with an involved project. Would you believe that I used it to cut everything for the entire backpack?! Yep. The fabric that I found on Cricut’s website, interfacing, fusible fleece, and leather! Frankly, I’m a little surprised that it didn’t also sew the backpack for me too, hehe. In the project post, I even shared a Design Space project so you can have your Maker cut everything for you too!

Cricut Maker Scalloped Zipper Pouches

Cricut Maker Sewing Project

I feel like one of the ways DIYers use their cutting machines most is for gifts, and these scalloped zipper pouches make a perfect gift for a gal pal, teacher, or even yourself! The rotary blade on the Maker can cut incredibly precisely, and the Design Space project you’ll find linked in my post will have your Maker cut the scalloped pieces and Iron-on perfectly for you, once again leaving the fun sewing part to you! And hese sweet fabric prints are more that I found on Cricut.com!

Cricut Maker Monogram Basswood Coasters

DIY Wood Coaster with the Cricut Maker

Who doesn’t love a monogram gift? I know I do, and if you’re looking for your first Cricut Maker + wood project, these DIY monogram coasters are a great place to start! The Maker cuts the basswood coaster shape and monogram cutout flawlessly, and you get to use a favorite fabric scrap to peek through between the layers! Such a fun personalized Cricut Maker project idea!

Cricut Maker Leather Coin Pouch

Cricut Maker Sewing Project

If you haven’t worked with Cricut Genuine Leather yet, get to it! It’s one of my very favorite materials to cut with the Maker (hello perfectly cut leather scallops!), and is so great for making unique, cute, and long lasting quality projects. I keep this little leather pouch in my purse, holding all my gift cards, and it makes me smile every time I pull it out to use it.

Cricut Maker Leather Keychain

DIY Leather Keychain Tutorial

What’s this, more perfectly cut leather scallops? This Cricut Maker leather keychain is another project that I still get to enjoy every single day, and I don’t see that changing any time soon. In this Cricut Maker project idea, you’ll use both Cricut Genuine leather and Iron-on for a quick but satisfying project, perfect for succulent lovers like myself!

We’re not done sharing our favorite Cricut Maker project ideas just yet, keep reading for more!

Cricut Maker Tutorials

Cricut Maker DIY Tic Tac Toe Pillow

Cricut Gift Guide for Sewers

This DIY Tic Tac Toe Pillow is another project that uses the Maker in more than one way, and also involves your sewing machine! Cricut Genuine Leather and Iron-on are the stars once again, and their combination makes for a fun texture and perfect if you’re looking for Cricut Maker project ideas on the quirky side!

Cricut Maker Fanny Packs – Mom Themed!

DIY Mom Fanny Packs with Iron-on

I mean, who doesn’t love a good fanny pack? And who needs one more than a mom, right?! Grab some plain fanny packs, let your Maker cut the Iron-on for you, and in no time you can carry around all the wipes, snacks, and rocks-that-have-to-come-home in style with these Cricut Maker Mom Themed Fanny Packs.

Cricut Maker Heart Purse

How to cut fabric with the Cricut Maker

My girls love little purses, and luckily I love making them! For this DIY Heart Purse, the Design Space project will have the Maker once again cut the fabric, interfacing, fusible fleece, and even the leather for the cute DIY leather zipper pull! It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond, and if you’re looking for favorite gift-giver status from a little one, this just might get you there ;).

Cricut Maker Quilted Rice Bag and Sleep Mask

Cricut Maker Quilting Project

Have you ever tried any Cricut Maker quilting projects? This quilted arrow rice bag (I used a cute fabric bundle from Cricut.com) is a great way to dip your toes into the world of paper pieced quilts, and the Maker’s rotary blade will prepare all of your fabric pieces for you! Add in the EasyPress Mini as a sewing table sidekick, and you probably won’t want to paper piece any other way. Pair the rice bag with a sweet sleep mask embellished with Iron-on cut by the Maker, and you’ll have the perfect set for when you need to relax from all of that crafting, hehe.

Cricut Maker Camp Themed T Shirt and Coaster

Cricut Infusible Ink Tutorial

Let’s finish off our 10 Cricut Maker project ideas with a totally different way to use the Maker that we haven’t mentioned yet, Infusible Ink! Infusible Ink is a revolutionary way to transfer designs to the Cricut blanks (including t shirts, coasters, and more), and using the fine point blade with the Maker makes cutting it a breeze. Whether you like to rough it or just love imagining yourself cozy in a cute little trailer like myself, this Cricut camp themed t shirt and coaster project even comes with a video tutorial and plenty of tips to set you up for success!

There you have it! 10 fun Cricut Maker project ideas using a variety of materials and perfect for a variety of skill levels!

Cricut Maker TutorialsCricut Maker Tutorials

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