Diaper bag.

I designed and made this diaper bag before Weston was born (luckily I had it finished extra early, or it would probably still be sitting in my sewing bins). I wanted a bag that would be large enough to hold everything for both Wyatt who is almost 2 and Weston who is a newborn.

I found the Michael Miller damask fabric at a local fabric store when I was still living in Arizona for $5 a yard, so I bought some with no plan in mind. I know, not something I would normally do, but how can you resist $5 a yard for Michael Miller fabric? So anyway, when I decided to make a diaper bag I couldn’t find anything I liked any better online, and although I was not too sure if the damask was too bright and bold for a diaper bag (for someone as boring and simple like me at least), I thought that maybe I’d give it a try. I decided that if I couldn’t find a lining fabric to match, I would use something else, but I totally lucked out and found the lining that was a perfect match at JoAnn. The lining fabric wasn’t my favorite, but I thought I better use it because I would probably never find anything else that matched so well. It’s kinda grown on me now so I don’t mind it so much.

Anyway, I’m sure you all care so much about all of that, so here’s some pictures of the inside. I wanted the look of a messenger bag but with the practicality of a zippered bag, so I added a set-in zipper that is separating so when it’s not being used it can lay totally flat inside the bag and doesn’t get in the way. It’s probably my favorite feature of the bag.

I also added lots of pockets, I almost thought too many, but I’ve already discovered that you can never have too many pockets, and they’re all full.

I thought about doing a tutorial for the bag, but then decided against it since it was my first one in this design and I wasn’t sure if I would be happy with it in the end. But it actually worked out really well, so I *might* (emphasis on “might”) do one in the future if enough people are interested. I also wouldn’t mind having a real paper pattern printed for the bag, for my own use and for others to use too, but I have no idea where to even start with all of that. Anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. I’m new to your blog but I love it here!

    That is a great bag. (Most likely above my sewing abilities.) I would love to see a tutorial on it… ya know when you aren’t busy with 2 little ones n’ all. :)

    Thanks for so many great ideas.

  2. tutorial, tutorial, tutorial!!! The bag is darling! I have no idea with the pattern but that is a good idea!

  3. Wow, this bag really demonstrates the disparity that exists between our sewing skills. Darn it!

  4. It is awesome….I would love love love a tutorial. You should look at the Craft Apple Blog. She posted some tips on having patterns done. Also you might want to look into You can make this…there are lots of people who get patterns made for download on that site.

  5. I really like the material and the style of the bag. Super cute Abby!

    P.S. still waiting for the baby.

  6. Hey, I just became your 100th follower…do I get a prize? =)

    I love the bag and the ties! I can hardly wait to make both!

    p.s. I started a creativity blog, you should check it out

  7. I just found your blog and love it. You should totally make a tutorial as the diaper bag is ever so cute and you would make lots of mums happy :)

    I am defintely going to be a regular :)

  8. I was eyeing your diaper bag yesterday and thought how cute it was, and I love it even more now that I know you made it! You are so talented, I love all the stuff you have made. With my major I HAD to take sewing classes, but now I really want to be able to enjoy it as a hobby. We might have to have some sewing parties before the summer is over!

  9. I was searching for a diaper bag tutorial and found your blog. I think your bag is fabulous and you have to do the tut!!

  10. you’re kidding me. you are still using that little zipper pouch that is sewn sooo crappy?! maybe i should replace it with a better quality one now that i can sew a little better!

  11. I just ran across your blog…searching for nursing covers…which I LOVE your tutorial. I also would LOVE to see a tutorial on this darling diaper bag. I think even my husband would carry this bag :)

  12. Hi there, I know this is a year or so old…but did you ever do a tutorial for this? I’d love to make one. Hugs Naomi

  13. This is the perfect bag. Please to a tut for it. I know this is old but i really would like to do this bag.

  14. Hey! I’ve been searching for a pattern like this. Would you mind sharing??
    I am wanting to make this for my sister! :)
    Thank you!!

  15. Hi Arlie! Unfortunately I didn’t use a pattern, but just made up my own, and didn’t make a tutorial as I went. One day a similiar diaper bag pattern is on my list to do though :).

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