Love A Tree Quilt.

I made this quilt out of the Love A Tree fabric line for a baby gift for my sister.  Okay, so my sister actually made it for another one of my sisters, but who really cares about the details anyway?  Either way, I think it’s a cute quilt and I love the tree fabric.
p.s. here are two reasons why I’ve had to resort to lying about projects that I haven’t actually sewn…

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  1. Oh my gosh! Look at those little cuties!! I love them! The blanket is adorable as well, but not quite as cute as my nephews!!

  2. Your kids are seriously the cutest ever! Weston’s hair is so awesome!Made my day to see that picture. :)

  3. when i read the first line i thought to myself “Audy made one exactly like that”
    good thing you admitted that you were lying… i could have called you out on it.
    your boys are so cute! hope all is going well.

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