DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Do you ever feel like the simplest DIY projects sometimes end up being your favorites? That’s exactly how I feel about today’s project! I’ve been working on decorating my girls’ room, and this DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall that I made with adhesive vinyl and my Silhouette machine turned out exactly as I had imagined!

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall Wall decals have been a huge trend recently, and I have to say I’m a big fan! I love that they create a big impact without a lot of effort (are you with me?!). Even better, when you make them out of self adhesive vinyl, they are completely removeable, which makes them perfect for any space, whether it’s a home you own, a rental, or even a dorm room!

DIY Vinyl Bunny WallI used my Silhouette Cameo to create the gold vinyl bunny stickers, and below you can download the file to make your own stickers!

DIY Vinyl Bunny WallDIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

The options are endless for placement of your stickers. You could do random placement, just a few rows, or the entire wall like I did. I looove symmetry so this was an extra satisfying project for me!

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Do you remember what’s on the other side of this arrow quilt? Hint: I may have a thing for gold vinyl, hehe.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

The little white dresser was one of my easiest furniture makeovers and the fact that I got it for $10 makes it one of my favorites, too!

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Let’s get started!

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Silhouette Cameo
self adhesive Silhouette gold vinyl (matte) – 32 bunnies can be cut from each roll (my 8’x12’ wall needed 64 bunnies total, requiring 2 rolls of vinyl plus a bit of a 3rd for several extra bunnies in case of tearing, etc)
Silhouette transfer paper – same amount as needed for vinyl
scraper tool
measuring tape/yard stick

Download the FREE Silhouette file HERE. The file is designed to print 32 bunnies on a 12”x6’ roll of self adhesive vinyl.

*Supplies and compensation for this post provided by Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores. All content and photography is my own.*

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Measure your wall and determine placement/number of bunnies/vinyl needed for project. Use level and pencil to mark placement of bunnies on wall as desired. I spaced each bunny 18” apart horizontally and 12” apart vertically, offsetting each row from the rows above and below.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall DIY Vinyl Bunny WallAdjust your Silhouette Cameo to load vinyl without a mat. Each roller bar needs to be on top of vinyl to properly feed it through without a mat.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Do a test cut prior to cutting entire roll of vinyl. I used the default vinyl settings, but needed to decrease the blade setting to 1 for my machine, and it cut the vinyl perfectly. Once settings are correct, cut the amount of bunnies required for your layout.

Remove the “negative” vinyl.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Carefully remove the backing from the transfer paper and apply the sticky side of the transfer paper to the vinyl. I find it helpful to use a long counter or table and tape one end of the vinyl to the counter or table to hold it in place. Use scraper to remove any creases or bubbles and attach transfer paper to vinyl.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Cut roughly between each bunny.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

One at a time, peel away vinyl backing and stick each bunny in place, following markings on wall (use level to make sure bunnies are placed parallel to floor). Use scraper firmly over each bunny, and peel away transfer paper.

DIY Vinyl Bunny WallDIY Vinyl Bunny Wall I did my wall in sections, and found it helpful to place/level a large amount of bunnies, then go back and use the scraper and remove the transfer paper.

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall DIY Vinyl Bunny WallTa-Da!

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

Great job! You now have a hoppin’ new wall that was easy to make and can be switched up easily when you’re ready for something new!

DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall DIY Vinyl Bunny Wall

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  1. That is so fun! I tried to add vinyl decals to a wall in my daughter’s room but just couldn’t get them to stick… maybe I need to try again!

    1. Thanks so much Charity! It was such a fun project! I’m guessing that the paint finish on your wall is causing the trouble with it not sticking?

      1. That’s my guess! I’ve heard since that washing it down with vinegar can help though, so I’m hoping to get some fresh vinyl and try that! =)

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