Little girls and boys.

Although my blogging over the summer has left much to be desired, I have actually mustered up the time and motivation to begin a new project.  I’m very excited about it so I had to post a preview of it in the works.  Since I have two little boys and never get to make cute girly things, I’m having lots of fun designing and sewing this doll.  My plan is for it to become an upcoming giveaway, and to make a PDF pattern so others can make this fun project too!  Seriously, why don’t I make fun things more often?

Poor Weston, I’d look scared too if I were at Wyatt’s mercy.

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  1. I can’t wait to see your doll! You are so talented. Weston is soooooo cute! What a perfect and adorable little baby. I love the sinister little smile on Wyatt’s face and Weston’s scared face. Too funny! Gotta love those big brothers :)

  2. weston’s look is so funny. i can’t wiat to see your doll. when you figure out how to post a pdf file on the internet let me know…

  3. good idea…Erick won’t let me dress the boys in bows and maybe I should take up doll making too!
    BTW, after a while the big sib stops attacking…at least Everett did.

  4. Your baby boys and all there hair! What handsome little guys. I love the picture with Wyatt holding Weston–so true to life.

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